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CommonLit is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to distribute a comprehensive English and language arts curriculum to any parent, student, or teacher who needs it. It features thousands of free lessons as well as a number of benchmarking assessments for students to track their progress. For students who are learning English as a second language, the software provides a Spanish version of their lessons, ensuring that the curriculum is well and truly available to everyone.


Designed for students K–8, i-Ready presents engaging, robust homeschool lessons for children of all learning types, levels, and abilities. It includes a variety of options, from basic math and reading skills to fun, skill-reinforcing games. Generally, a student’s time is split between guided lessons and individual practice, encouraging your kiddos to learn through intuition and applying skills to solve even the toughest problems. Overall, it’s a great tool for promoting not just learning but a love thereof.

Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy is a homeschooling resource designed to take the stress of finding the perfect education resource off parents’ and guardians’ shoulders. Unlike other resources, which have created their own curriculum, Easy Peasy’s resources are made entirely up of smaller learning resources scattered across the internet, brought together by the site’s creators to form one large, complete resource. As such, it’s completely free, so you can access it not just from the library, but from the comfort of your own home as well without ever having to spend a dime. Don’t worry, though—it’s a tool meant to be used alongside your own lessons, so even though it’s free, the education your child will receive is still top-notch.