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Atlanta Moon Tree

Moon Tree logoIn 1971, NASA astronaut Stuart Roosa carried tree seeds into lunar orbit on the Apollo 14 mission. The trees grown from these seeds were distributed throughout the world and became the first generation of “moon trees.”

Following in that legacy, and as a celebration and inspiration to the future of space exploration, NASA’s Artemis Program launched a second generation of 2,000 Moon Tree seeds into lunar orbit on November 16, 2022, aboard the Orion spacecraft. These seeds travelled 270,000 miles from Earth – for perspective, the moon is 238,900 miles from Earth, on average.

NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement partnered with U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Services to make this program a reality and grew the seeds into saplings. Museums, universities, federal agencies, schools, and libraries were invited to apply for ownership of a Moon Tree seedling.

The Atlanta Public Library has been chosen as the new home of a Sweet Gum Moon Tree, which will be planted in the green space on the west side of the library building in downtown Atlanta, TX, where 2 Bradford Pear trees were removed in August 2023. The library will also be hosting programs to celebrate the Moon Tree and promote space exploration.

Library Director Kendra Harrell says, “The Atlanta Public Library is honored to be one of a select few to take custody of a Moon Tree. This tree is a living testament to the ingenuity of American space exploration, and we hope to see it grow and become a treasure here in downtown Atlanta.”

The Atlanta Moon Tree was dedicated on May 16th, 2024, National "Love a Tree" Day. Director Kendra Harrell and Programming Coordinator Randi Strutton are featured in the dedication video below.